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28 July 2008


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I know what you mean, I'm reminded of something I read that was attributed to Banksy about someone complimenting him on the cleverness of painting so many rats - rat as an anagram of art. But it had never occurred to him, he wasn't trying to be clever he just likes rats.

Perception is a funny thing..

I think I'm going to be pondering this all the way home! Thanks for giving me food for thought, saves me having to wrestle someone for the last free paper!

I know! Random philosophising about pop culture; can keep the brain occupied for days

I thought it was great. My only reservation is that he's not Jigga that everyone hates anymore.

The deliciously offensive swagger of songs like Jigga My (ahem) N-word, the smooth criminal styling Streets is Watching and Cashmere Thoughts were non existent. No Swizzy casio beats.

He's become a bit like the U2 of rap.

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