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16 July 2009


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hmmm scarcity and abundance actually creating taste.... not thought of that before. Very intriguing.
I search out niches partly because they are niches...

Championing independence, creativity and individuality does not make you a commie. Quite the opposite in fact.

I think the problem is two fold. Firstly, London is now full of idiots. Look at what happened to The Wag and how it is now a branch of O'Neill's. The thing is, that place is packed out every night. Look at Abercrombie and Fitch on Savile Row, idiot teenagers (and adults who should know better) can't buy their shitty made in China rip off hoodies and t-shirts quick enough. I've never seen a place on the Row so busy, and I've lived in London my whole life.

People will flock to the shopping centre in Chinatown, just like they go to Cafe Nero in Soho even though Maison Bertaux and Bar Italia are just round the corner. And they'll stuff their faces full of pret, even if there's a lovely deli next door.

Place like Bates on the other hand, still has a target audience which consists of Errol Flynn and Oscar Wilde, which is great but they're not going to be around for much longer and we all miss out. It's not their God given right to retail as though it were still the Jazz Age.

It shouldn't be about exclusivity. Everyone deserves to live fabulous, eat delicious food, drink proper coffee and wear elegant clothes. Yet even those that can afford to, choose not to. Whose fault is that? Certainly not pret a manger, or the evil (and they are evil) developers of the China Town shopping mall.

Also you have to wonder about the sociopathic tendencies of the chains that drive all this growth. Have the ceo's ever wondered 'what's the point?' No-one ever says, I'm pretty happy with my 5million - no, must have 10 million 20 million. And on and on it goes. Sad. I love money, but what's going on in London right now is sad. I've never known the city (pre credit crunch) to be so rich yet so dreary.

Arrrgh makes Alf mad!!!

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