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02 April 2008


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Ok Apple have done it again .. Having a great idea in principle but failing to deliver in production. Like so many of Apples half arsed attempts at products - Rushing to announce a new product at some expo and releasing an under-tested product on their loyal market at 20% more expensive that any other device that does the same thing but is not shinny and white ... i despair - Anyway here is an update from engadget about yet more failings with Time machine:


Okay, the Time Machine / AirPort Extreme situation is now officially ridiculous. TidBITS's Glenn Fleishmann says Apple's confirmed to him that the Extreme is unsupported for use with Time Machine, even though the latest batch of updates enable AirPort Disks to show up in the Time Machine disk-selection box. Fleishmann thinks a it's leftover developer testing glitch, but either way, Apple's will-they-won't-they routine means lots of people now have an unsupported backup solution that works "erratically." Seriously, if you thought AirPort Extreme owners were pissed off about Time Capsule, just wait until backups start failing. Not a lot of options left, Apple -- better get this feature up and running ASAP.

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