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25 November 2008


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I'm with you on Gmail. People with Gmail accounts will be seen as the digital aristocrats!

I think I judge on e-mail a bit. I'm always surprised when grown ups have hotmail accounts and half expect them all eventually to redeem themselves by switching over to gmail.

Not necessarily so much with individuals but if I come across a company/service using a free domain like Hotmail it kinda freaks me out.. Most of my friends have paid for domains for personal use so coming across a company that doesn't seems just weird!

Or is that just me? Am I being a snob!?

(I still have hotmail but I also have a yahoo and a gmail and I use each for different things!)

Never thought about it before. But I'm glad you pointed out the difference between Gmail and Googlemail, it's been bugging me!

Hotmail for registrations for things like Facebook etc and tickets etc.

Yahoo for professional things.

Gmail for the rest. Really don't like Gmail very much. More intuitive my arse.

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