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04 April 2010


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I'll take your Moleskine if no one wants it! :)

Haha, its yours. I will bring it in on Tues x

I feel you P, but you consume Heinz beans right? Because something is consumed by the masses doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.

I used to feel a very similar way but then I realised I was wasting time thinking about things that mean nothing. And it annoyed me.

Reaching for the fringes in search of richness (I think) is to be admired but it needn't come at the cost of things that perform a valid base task, like a Moleskin.

I'm not saying you do this but fixating on these issues indicates you're concerned by them. They don't matter.

Haha, luckily I'm paid to overthink brands and what they mean ;)

I hear what you're saying, but what I think I was trying to say is that I'm bored of the homogenity. I just like being able to say 'shiiiit, where you cop that?'.

As for HUGE brands, I realise that being mass doesn't mean bad (as long as you don't poison children in the developing world to produce low cost products for Western markets). But the signals associated with Heinz beans are slightly different to your 'status symbols'...

haha yeah, Heinz isn't Gucci... yet

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