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15 October 2010


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Golly, big write up.
I almost went to it... but didn't.
Should of I guess.
I don't believe in broadcast media anymore, that maybe put me off but I like Kevin Slavin...

"I don't believe in broadcast media any more."

That's a hilarious statement Charlie. It's not a religion.

Do mean you don't believe it happens, or that people want it or that it works for advertisers?

ha, yes it does sound funny without any explanation doesn't it.

I mean, broadcast channels don't suit me as a user anymore. Where as broadcast was the only channel through which we received media communications now 'I' can curate the media I receive and aggregate my choice of content i receive as opposed to a mass broadcast channel which isn't catering specifically for me but rather for 'people'.
All obvious really but that's why I don't believe in consuming broadcast channels.
So yes perhaps i should have said broadcast channels instead of media. Oops.

The one-way telephone service reminds me of some relationships I've had.

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